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About Hourglass Lilly

Hourglass Lilly carries unique designs and perfect fits that everyone wants to duplicate. But they just can't!

"And there is a little secret to this," says Jully and Billy, the sister and brother owners of the company.

"Our father has been a pattern and sample maker for over 40 years. The fits come from his imagination and expertise and really cannot be duplicated. He creates that magical feeling of wearing fabulous yet comfortable clothes."

"Hourglass Lilly is not just for people with thinner figures," says Jully, who studied design at FIDM in Los Angeles and is the Chief Design Officer. "Ladies with fuller figures love our line because it flows over the body, gently hugging the curves so that they have the benefit of showing off their glamorous looks without feeling tight." Thus the name Hourglass...

As for the one-of-a-kind prints, all are proprietary designs, meaning that the prints you see are only available through Hourglass Lilly.

More than 400 boutiques across the country (and overseas) carry Hourglass Lilly's dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jumpers, and scarves for loyal fans ranging from ages 18 to 40+ with trendy and modern styles.

Our customers can always rely on us in terms of product quality and availability. Hourglass Lilly products are 100% made in the USA (Los Angeles area), and it generally takes less than 3 weeks to fulfill most reorders, as opposed to importing the products - which could take 3 months or more.

"Trends are constantly changing, so it is very important that our production is at the same pace. Our customers depend on us to have what they're looking for. If we are out of stock in a certain style, we can replenish inventory in about 3 weeks," says Billy, who is the Chief Operating Officer.

Beautiful designs, great fits, time to market, and pricing contribute to the success of our company, but the real key to our success is honesty, integrity, and respect for others (customers, employees, and vendors) are the values our parents have taught us when they started this business in the late 80's.


To all of you, from all of us at Hourglass Lilly - Thank you!

Billy Kang